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How many sunglasses have you misplaced over the years? Take a minute and think back. Go ahead, we'll wait.

Sunglasses are much more than protection for your eyes. They become part of what makes you unique.

Zoinx Polarized Sunglasses feature a patented clip integrated into the temples. This clip not only allows you to keep better track of your shades, it allows you to easily accessorize your sunglasses for whatever activity you have on your plate.

Each pair of Zoinx Sunglasses also includes our Zipper Pouch and Sport Strap specifically designed for active lifestyles. The convertible Zipper Pouch can be clipped into the sport strap or worn on the wrist. The Pouch is the perfect place to hold your car key, a few extra dollars and a sealed Emergency Info card (included) just in case. The Zipper Pouch also includes a flotation insert that keeps your sunglasses afloat if your activities take you on the water.

Instead of sitting them down, clip 'em to your bag or your belt. Never lose your sunglasses again.


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